Each Thoroughbred receives quality care.

Learn More It’s really about a vision…

I was born with an affinity towards horses… by the age of 7, I was drawn to fast race horses. Standing as an adult, my purpose for our American Thoroughbred is clear; to Rehabilitate, Recondition and Repurpose the Thoroughbreds that didn’t have dazzling race careers.

I have spent my whole life learning to heal the body,…..motivated by my own sports related injuries. When my quality of life was in jeopardy due to a sports injury, I decided to avoid surgery and became a dedicated student of Structural Integration Therapy.

That was over 25 years ago. The Last decade, I have been studying SI Therapy for horses and

specifically how the Fascial System effects our Equine Athletes’ daily lives.

I met so many wonderful people who are Thoroughbred aware, dedicating their lives re-training our retired OffTheTrack Thoroughbreds. These are the racehorses who have no success stories of the winner circle and No, you won’t find a photo displaying their numbered silks on race day……but who was bred to run, bred to be a competitive Athlete ……


We are the technicians, trainers , doctors, therapists, riders and grooms working to bring the American Thoroughbred back into form as a sport horse inside the ring.

One horse at a time, with caring and patient hands….

That’s a battle won for a retiring Thoroughbred tomorrow.

“ Sound, Diligent and Honest Thoroughbreds …”

That’s what the American Thoroughbred Association stands for.


Founder and his inspiration, “Stardusted”.